What is sleep? 

Nothing aggravates me more than when I hear the words “I’m so tired!” leave the lips of an individual without small children. But that’s just me being a miserable old bat! I honestly believe that I had no idea of what it actually was to be ‘tired’ before the twins were here. 

I envy the pre mummy me! If I was ‘tired’ I could laze in front of the tv, aw hell, I could go to bed at 4pm if I really wanted to. 

Last night Bonnie decided to get up at 2am, she didn’t cry, she wasn’t unsettled, she just seemed to want to be awake… Until 4am! She then had a little doze until 5am and woke up ready for a party. She lay in beside me and I remained in a daze until Isla decided to join us at 5:30am. What was this? I got used to all that sleep. I honestly used to feel a little smug saying “oh they sleep all night. 7-7!!!”, never again will I feel smug, for last night was my penance!! 

Baby tv, I love you… 

Think what you want, but I’m using baby tv to my advantage. I’m getting a hot cup of coffee and the ability to rant via this blog. Then I will decide what our next game plan is, I could maybe distract these rascals with some finger foods in their high chairs while I eat chocolate and tell myself the diet starts tomorrow… I always feel like we deserve a treat more when we’re sleep deprived! 

 strong coffee is my best friend today, bring on the shakes from too much caffiene, hopefully they’ll keep me from falling asleep!! Also, note the jumparoo and activity station, they offer a good distraction when you just need a few minutes to yourself. 

Note to self: Never get used to all that lovely sleep you were getting, take each day as it comes. Now, what time can I start drinking wine without social services knocking at my door?! 


One thought on “What is sleep? 

  1. You’re on the ball woman ! Keep on managing the tiredness, stay in control and you have it nailed, you’re doing the most important job in the world and you’re doing it brilliantly.


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