A Mother’s Instinct

Last Tuesday I noticed that Bonnie wasn’t herself, she had been waking through the night and appeared a little adgitated, I put it down to teeth, dosed her up with calpol and prayed I would see a tooth soon. During a very unsettled Tuesday night I put Bonnie in bed beside me, she cried sore and I just knew it wasn’t teeth… 

On Wednesday I called the GP, she saw her right away and said she wasn’t happy with Bonnie and sent her straight up to the hospital! They queried meningitis (every mother’s worst nightmare). After a lot of tests and a horrendous lumbar puncture, it turns out the poor little lady had a UTI and sepsis (blood poisoning). After three nights in hospital Bonnie came home, she’s on antibiotics and is slowly improving.

- Poor little lady feeling very exhausted and wouldn’t let go of my hand.

The whole ordeal confirmed for me that we can never ‘be too sure’, trust that motherly instinct, even if it turns out to be nothing, we can never be too safe with little babies. 

As Bonnie is getting better, Isla has started to appear unwell, I took her to the doc and she is dosed with a head cold and queried UTI (I had to get a sample which was interesting). Hoping the sample comes back clear and I can give her lots of TLC. 

Coping with sick twins is no joke, if both babies are unsettled and your partner/spouse can help, then take a twin each. Take one twin into the spare room (if you have one) and give the other to your partner to look after, that will minimise the intensity of two crying babies at 3am!! 

If your partner is working during the day then ask a friend/family member to come over to help, or go in to them. I need to remind myself that people want to help me with the girls, and it’s important to take them up on it when you need it. Don’t feel guilty about how full on it is for others, luckily for them it’s only temporary, yet it’s us mums that have to deal with the full brunt of two sick babies at home. 

Just listen to that instinct and never feel like you’re being ‘too cautious’ getting your babies looked at if they are sick. And in addition, keep pouring that wine (if you get the chance), and chant that mummy mantra… THIS TOO SHALL PASS! 


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