Just STOP!!!!


As I was driving in the car on Tuesday I heard on the radio how recent research has claimed that babies who are breast fed for more than a month have a higher IQ than those who aren’t. I immediately found myself in a panic, counting the amount of weeks I managed to breast feed the girls before it got too much. I sighed a big sigh of relief and thought “oh phew, I managed six weeks!”… 

Then I caught myself on… The pressure I put myself under to breast feed, I believe, was what triggered my feelings of postnatal depression. 

I became so angry… 

I recalled being at a mums and tots group and there a woman was discussing how she breast fed, and how that was ‘the best way’, throughout this discussion her eight month old son was tucking into a happy meal… Surely to give your baby ‘the best start in life’ you should be consistent throughout and not chuck a happy meal at them at the first sign of a tooth. Grrrrr!!! 

How a baby is fed will not determine their intelligence, how a baby is raised by their parents, nurtured and stimulated will determine their intelligence. How a child is encouraged at school and at home will mould them into the people they will become and how they will succeed in life. Nurture over nature, I believe! 

STOP making mothers feel guilty for not breast feeding. Mummy guilt is bad enough. 

Whether or not a baby gets a tit in their mouth or a bottle, the one thing that TRULY matters is WHO is behind that tit or bottle. 

The only thing to come out of this published research will be a lot of guilty feeling mums, a lot of new and expecting mums feeling pressured into breast feeding, and an ‘us and them’ mentality- the breast brigade vs the bottle bank!! 

Calm down people, let’s just support each other no matter how we feed our babies. We’re all doing great here! 


3 thoughts on “Just STOP!!!!

  1. I breastfed my little one for little over a week- she was such a hungry wee skitter I couldn’t keep up to her. I also then took an infection in my uterus and womb so was on antibiotics and didn’t feel comfortable continuing with it. Once on bottle life got easier as baby was sleeping more and for longer and it also meant my hubby could help with feeds. I made myself feel so guilty over it all but hey baby is happy so mammy is happy too. I agree just do what is right for you and your little one. Babies don’t come with instructions and no 2 are the same follow your mammy instinct and know that you are doing the best job you can do!


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