Phoning in ‘sick’

Today I woke up feeling sh*tty. 

I had a flipping headache from hell and I didn’t want to leave my bed when Miss Bonnie decided it was time to start our day at 6:45am (I would consider that a slight lie in). Basically, I couldn’t be bothered… 

If only two seven month olds would understand this. Why can’t mummy’s have a ‘sick day’? Aren’t we entitled to sick leave? Carers leave (to care for ourselves)? Why aren’t we given an allowance of days throughout the first year where our babies can be self sufficient for that day when we really really need it? I mean, Paddy (husband) often manages to be self sufficient enough when I can’t face being a grown up once the girls are down for the night, he can be a bloody great cook when he wants to be, and when I’m not around or up to my elbows in baby sh*t, he managed to iron his own shirt (yet if I was present he would swear that he didn’t even know how to turn on the iron). Why isn’t life fair????!!!! 

Miss Bonnie was also a clingy little lady today and I had to pop her into a carrier to get anything done.

Ah yes, the babies are asleep after a rough day, I have a glass of rouge in hand yet this is still my view…

How can we remedy this? Who can we talk to about sick leave entitlement? How can I clone myself for the days where I just want to lie on the sofa and scratch my butt? Surely I’m on to something here… 


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