Since popping out sprogs, and becoming entitled to park in the parent and child spots, it has only added to my general list of gripes with society. 

A few months ago at the parent and child parking bay in tesco I proved to myself just how annoyed I was at people without children parking in these spots…

 An oversized man jumped out of an undersized Porsche, collected his bag for life from the passenger side and began to make his way in to tesco. 

Rage came over me! 

Me: Excuse me sir, but you really shouldn’t park there. 

Man: *grunts* yeah, ok… *rolls eyes*

Me: There are plenty of other spots to park in, but clearly you’re either too fat and lazy to walk an extra ten feet OR you’re terrified that another car may scratch your dick extension of an automobile. 

Needless to say said man was very cross, he turned around and began wagging his finger in my direction and shouting, claiming he would report me to customer service in tesco for giving him ‘abuse’. 

Go ahead!” I exclaimed, “I’ll wait here and maybe you will listen to them when they tell you to budge from the parent and child spot you’re currently abusing…” 

He yelled a few things, like the gentleman he was, and I realised I was getting nowhere with him. I jumped into the car and I drove home. This situation had me furious!!! Before babies I would have thought that it was such a trivial matter, yet I still would never have parked in a parent and child spot. 

What also bugs me (surprise surprise), are the couples who occupy a parent and child parking space with a car filled with kids, one adult hops out, and the other waits in the car with the kids. What is the need? 

What also bugs me are parents who occupy a parent and child parking space with teenage children, or children big enough to hop out of the car unaided. There is no need! I thought these spaces were for parents with young kids who needed to reach in and get their kids out of car seats. Try recovering from a cesarean section while getting twins out of car seats and into a pram. Maybe those people who do not necessarily need the parking spaces would quit parking in them? Pah……..

But what reallyyyyy takes me to the fair is other women who have young kids/babies at home, who have been relieved for an hour to do their groceries, park in a parent and child space. Isn’t child free grocery shopping heavenly enough? Do you really need to take the complete piss out of us mummy’s who didn’t receive such a priveledge that day of a child free shop? C’mon mums, you know what it’s like, therefore you really shouldn’t be doing it! 

What can we do about this matter? Can we come together and form a website, uploading snaps of these people and their cars who have the nerve to park in OUR spots? 

Get your own spot lazy ass, YOU CAN’T PARK WITH US!!!!!!!!!!


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