Never ever HAD I ever…

Going about my day-to-day ‘business’ as a twin mum on maternity leave, I often find myself doing something, and then thinking to myself, ‘never ever had I ever done this before the twins were born…’, such things include: 

  • Finding poo that isn’t my own on my clothes, and often below a few finger nails. 
  • Forgetting where my makeup is because I hadn’t put any on in days. 
  • Stewing pears at 6am. 
  • Putting everything into song to pacify two tiny humans
  • Had a baby wipe bath because a shower would just be too much to ask for that day.
  • Finding a trip to the supermarket an outing. 
  • An undisturbed hot coffee is now on par with an orgasm. 
  • Microwaving tea… WHAT! 
  • Making it through a chapter of a book in bed without falling asleep is now a massive achievement. 
  • Not being repulsed by the stench of vomit. 
  • A washing basket is just one big black hole. 
  • A solid six hours of undisturbed sleep feels like a month long coma. 
  • ‘In event of a fire, do not use lift.’ –But what would I dooooo?  
  • Internet shopping is not ‘convenient’- what if the delivery man bangs on my door at nap time?
  • I have never spoken to so many strangers in my life. 
  • Fantasised about a pj day and Netflix marathon so much in my life. 
  • Fantasised about a bath.  

The list is endless and will only continue to grow. 

People often say to me- in regards to Bonnie and Isla- “I’m sure you don’t remember what life was like before them.”– let’s be real here, of course I remember. I had absolute freedom, my days weren’t dictated by shitty bums and bedtime routines, the answer is that I certianly do remember how life was like before we had twins, nobody forgets that, it’s just that now we couldn’t imagine a future without them, and for that I wouldn’t change a thing. 



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