Nine months in, nine months out…

I’m not one to celebrate monthly anniversaries of the girls birth date, but the 28th of May marks their nine months of age.

Wow… What a whirlwind nine months that has been!

– I still can’t believe they were ever that tiny! 

This day nine months ago I became a mother to my two beautiful girls. The first six months were the most challenging moments of my life, accompanied by the most wonderful moments too. Being a mum has made me so tired and overwhelmed… And so very very happy!

I watched my Paddy become Bonnie and Isla’s daddy. The dynamics of our relationship have changed immensely since the twins arrived. I honestly never imagined that having a set of twins could impact on our relationship. What was wrong with me? Was I on the moon? It’s easy to take the stresses and strains of sleep deprivation, and ensuring the needs of our girls are met, out on one another. But when we do, it is as though there’s a voice in the back of our minds saying ‘this is only because we are tired… This too shall pass…’. And then we’re back to being best buddies. I never imagined I could love Paddy any more than I already did, but then I see him with our girls and my heart is overwhelmed. It doesn’t even annoy me that some mornings he forgets to kiss me goodbye but never forgets to kiss the girls goodbye. If anything, it’s pretty endearing.


Reflecting on the last nine months has made me realise just how far the girls have come. From squishy little newborns to two hilarious little characters who interact and play with each other, and despite the odd ear pulling or eye poking, they’re best buddies already!

Piecing together all of the little moments of the last nine months shows me just how much life has changed, and despite all of the hard work and my initial struggles, it truly has been the most wonderful and rewarding nine months of our lives.

We had our first trip out as a family when the girls were one week old, that gave us an insight into how we would NEVER pack light again…

    At three weeks we had our first trip to visit the island living grandparents.

And more importantly, our first family trip to the pub….

 At seven weeks Bonnie and Isla had their first smiles.

At eight weeks they had their first baby massage class with the lovely Jess from The Daisy Foundation.

 They found their toes…

… And they found each other!

They had their first hotel break at Lough Eske Castle, Donegal at Christmas 2014

And at Lough Eske they had their first swim.

 They love hanging out with cousin Pippa.

 At five months they started to sit up.

 Bonnie has been a little adventurous with hairstyles.

 And they’ve already been behind the wheel!!

 At six months Bonnie and Isla took to baby led weaning, they love their grub!

 They’ve enjoyed torturing Uncle Paul…

   … And have mummy and daddy completely shattered!

They enjoy granny and granda’s boat.


 Bonnie and Isla will play together on their mat.

 And just like their mummy, they love when daddy takes them out for dinner.

 I wish I could say they loved the swings…

 … But they definitely love the swimming pool!

 Another trip to Lough Eske wouldn’t do any harm…

 Sleeping on daddy is the best! That used to be my spot, but I’m happy for it to be on loan for a little while.

   Bonnie and Isla have lots of fun at wrigglers with their buddies Evan and Annabelle.

Bonnie keeps us entertained with peek-a-boo.

 On the day the girls were ‘nine months out’, they were great ‘helpers’ while I did my groceries.

Looking back on the nine months which have went by in a flash, it’s nice to be reminded of their little milestones.

Here is to an incredible future with my [not so little] little ‘bundles’ of fun.


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