Working Mums

Pretty much every mum I know has a job of some description, it doesn’t make them superheroes, martyrs, or bad mums for not devoting every single day to their children. It’s just the way of life. 

Children are expensive, this is something I naively did not expect before getting pregnant. Just another little surprise becoming a mum has in store… 

 Bonnie and Isla are very nearly ten months old. I decided during my pregnancy that I would take the entire entitlement of one year maternity leave, granted statutory maternity pay just about covers the groceries, and the final three months are unpaid, but sacrificing money for three extra months with my girls was a no-brainer, “we’ll make it work.”, said Paddy and I. 

Recently, I went to the post office to post a baby bjorn carrier to my sister in law who lives in Edinburgh. When I received the package last Saturday, which I sent to myself instead of her, I couldn’t believe how silly I had been. My brain is rotting… I need stimulation… The idea of getting back to work is definitely appealing… 

But I have around two months left of maternity leave, and recently I have been trying to wrap my head around being a parent and being a ‘working mum’. How does being a mum and having a job peacefully cohabit? 

This week I heard a radio presenter praising Eva Mendes for not ‘utilising’ a nanny, and due to this, is completely exhausted with her newborn. Her circumstances would very nearly ‘warrant’ a nanny, she admits that being a mother is exhausting, and that she gets her work done in the evenings when her baby is asleep. Not only did this strengthen my girl crush, I took comfort in that a new mum in the limelight can admit that motherhood in itself is exhausting, never mind a job thrown into the mix. 

Although if I was Eva Mendes, I would happily ‘utilise’ that nanny and have a pee in peace. I’ll not mention how I would ‘utilise’ her baby daddy Ryan Gosling though.

My current plan is to enjoy the last two months of maternity leave with my girls, take the good with the bad, and just try to keep fooling myself that I will have it all under control upon returning to work…

…Yeah right!


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