Happy Father’s Day

  Father’s Day used to be about one man for me, my amazing daddy! I count my blessings every day for him. He loves a good chat, makes an awesome coffee (his tea is too weak for me), he’s the go-to man at 2am on a night out when you’ve forgotten to book your taxi (sorry dad), he’s a genuine laugh, and he has been so supportive of me since Bonnie and Isla arrived. 

This Father’s Day also takes on a new perspective for him, not only is he our dad, but he is Bonnie and Isla’s grandad. He will be there to offer them the same support he did with myself and my siblings, although Bonnie and Isla will probably get away with a lot more… 
Thank you, daddy/granda. We love you! 
    Laird, the father in law- photo courtesy of my sister in law.

I’m fortunate to have a good relationship with the mother and father in law. Who can say they first met their future father in law with him head to toe in Lycra? 
I guess I always knew we would get on from day one, despite us both thinking we each had an unhealthy relationship with wine; Laird was an exceptional host, always keeping my wine glass full, and being a polite guest I felt it important to happily oblige. However, Laird thought it was only polite to keep topping up his own glass to ensure I was not drinking alone. If only we had both known that the other was at their limit and secretly worried about the other ones ability to keep on knocking it back. 
I must say, I’m happy to have him as a second father figure and pretty pleased with how he raised my Paddy to be such a good daddy for Bonnie and Isla (even though Paddy is, admittedly, a mummy’s boy). 




And today we celebrate Paddy’s first Father’s Day. Before Bonnie and Isla were born Paddy had never held a newborn, other people’s babies didn’t interest him, and it took him a good few months after the births of our nephews and nieces for him to be comfortable enough to hold them. Despite this, I never doubted that Paddy would be an incredible dad, and I never thought I would be happy to have another girl come before me (never mind two girls). 

Paddy works incredibly hard, he’s a man filled with integrity, he has the kindest heart and extremely admirable morals, all of the qualities I fell in love with, and these are perfect qualities which I hope are passed on to our beautiful girls. 
Happy First Daddy’s Day to our Paddy/Daddy, and to his dad and my dad. Bonnie, Isla and I are lucky to have such great father figures in our lives. 


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