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Postnatal Depression

Recently I received an email from a woman I did not know who had read my blog, she was a fellow twin mum to newborn identical twin girls, and she was beginning to find things a struggle. Her depiction of how she was feeling, and how she felt physically torn between two little newborns echoed… Continue reading Postnatal Depression

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Thank You

I often laugh with my friends and exclaim “it’s a thankless job”, in reference to parenthood. When you think about it really, it’s true. It’s the hardest ‘job’ I have ever done, and if the work we put in as parents warranted a salary, we would be high up that salary scale. We do the… Continue reading Thank You


Leggings, Big Pants and Practical Footwear

After my pregnancy with the twins, I happily kissed goodbye to leggings, Spanx and the need to wear practical footwear every single day from my second trimester. Or at least I thought I had… So, out they come again, fecking blasted leggings, converse as part of my daily footwear, and big unattractive underwear to smooth… Continue reading Leggings, Big Pants and Practical Footwear