Best Things About Having Twins

When I took Bonnie and Isla home from the hospital, my two precious little newborns, it was in no doubt hard work. Regardless of how prepared one can be, or how much experience one has had with babies before. Try handling two newborns, and quite commonly, most twin mums will agree, that unless you are a parent to twins or more, your advice and comments are unwelcome.

That sounds harsh, but when you’re alongside fellow mothers with their singleton, things appear to be much easier for them than for my sweaty old self, up to my elbows in double the feedings, double the nappy changes, double the entertaining, double the carrying, double the crying, double the spew, basically double of everything, you feel slightly cheated.

Of course, I do not mean to sound so astringent, I managed to find three of my closest friends through having the twins, and they all have had one baby each around the same time, and they have become my closest support system.

Admittedly, and humbly, they declare that they can’t provide direct advice to having twins, but they can share their experience, or be there to drink tea and laugh (or cry) whenever it is most vital. And secretly, they admire you like no other mother!

Recently the girls have become much ‘easier’, something which I previously posted about. But perhaps, not only have they become easier, maybe I have become better? Nonetheless, the good days massively outweigh the bad, due to the fun and laughter I get out of having two wonderful little ladies who are at the same stages in development, and who are learning from me, while I learn from them.

I have always known that I am truly lucky to be a twin mum. For many, many reasons… We still have our days where it’s complete chaos, but that is something I have learnt to embrace which has enabled me to take things in my stride, and not worry about the menial things, and to sit back and reflect on how there are many benefits of being a mum of twins…

We have grown and nurtured two tiny humans inside of us, immediately that’s something to be super proud *cough* smug *cough* about. And once they have arrived, and you’re settling in to motherhood, in between feeding them and changing nappies, we get a peaceful and perfect view like this…


Having two newborns at once, as I have said before, is extremely overwhelming. Not only in the sense of being torn between two babies that need you more than anyone in the world, but it overwhelms your heart with love. I recall dressing the girls for the first time and laying them on the bed in front of me and sobbing my eyes out, not because I was scared of what was to come, but because I was already so in love and so excited for our journey ahead, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to mother these two little babes at once.


When a stranger says “DOUBLE TROUBLE!”. You think we haven’t heard that a thousand times already? You think we don’t know that we’re going to hear it a million times more?

Why do they have to be trouble? Yes we get double, that’s obvious, but it’s DOUBLE THE LOVE. Why not say that to us? Oh yes, perhaps this is because, unless they are parents to twins, they’ll never get to experience how truly wonderful it is to have two little ones, at the exact same stage, born minutes apart, look up at you and adore you for being their mum. We get to watch them grow at the same time, we get to witness their bond, from womb mates to best friends for life. It’s double the love, double the giggles, double the kisses, double the hugs and double the FUN.

When you give birth to multiples, it’s the only time you’ll ever get away with numbering your children… Note the hats!


Another great reason of having twins is that not only do you get to watch two babies develop together throughout their lives, but they will always have their twin by their side developing and learning with them.

Secretly, I’m a little jealous…


Around the time I had Bonnie and Isla, I became very close with a group of new mums. I would spend, at least, a few days a week in their company, and as I struggled to get myself and the twins out the door, with a bag packed with any item I might need, not to mention the endless essentials, I took comfort in the way in which these fellow mums would stare in awe as you manage to have shown up with your hair and teeth brushed, and perhaps even a face with makeup on… Yes, we all had little babies, and yes it is hard work for everyone, but you sometimes feel as though you have gained a sort of special ‘status’ within the ranks of motherhood… You’re managing to keep two babies alive and happy… GO YOU!

Feeding two babies with hands and feet to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the group chat, all hail twin mums!

Hands down, one of the best things about having twins. Watching two babies sleep…


And that first glass of champagne is the most well deserved glass of your life, it’s just altered a little when accompanied by expressed BM…


When you’re out and about with twins, and the relentless comments from people who have never raised twins begin to wear off, and you’re now beginning to feel something similar to a freak show, one of the very best things that can happen is when you spot another parent of twins! The exchanging smile of comfort and the instant bond can only be shared between fellow parents of twins…

Although last week I ran in to a mother with triplets and felt inferior and in complete awe- I need a meme for that feeling…

But most of all, and what trumps my endless list of reasons why having twins is awesome, is getting to see their bond develop and grow stronger, getting to know them as individuals and see how truly different they are, and most of all, knowing that their shared history from the very moment they were both created means that they will forever have one of life’s most unbreakable bonds.



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