‘Changing Skies’

This morning I woke up for the very last time in a house that holds so many remarkable memories. My life has been packed and compartmentalised into five suitcases and four cardboard boxes. The house sits empty, I’m eating off a plastic Peppa Pig plate and I hope I have remembered to leave out clean pants.

Bonnie and Isla are cosy on the sofa after a full night sleep and watching Frozen without any idea of what today is. A morning like this morning feels commonplace, only it is not.

We have survived the past six weeks with Paddy being in Australia, settling in to work and finding us somewhere to live. Us girls have managed to fend for ourselves, and now the day has finally arrived where we begin our travels to reunite our little family.

We are all in one piece (although after twenty six hours of travel I may not be able to utter such words), but we couldn’t have managed without the people around us who have truly meant the most.

My sisters, my parents, my mother and father in law, and my closest friends have shown nothing but love and support. I couldn’t have managed without them, and unfortunately, it’s those people who make leaving so difficult. I wouldn’t know where to begin in trying to thank them all, so I won’t even try, for I don’t think I would be able to leave this afternoon.

We leave such amazing love, support and general good craic, in the hopes of a life with more substance for us as a family, and as I have said before, it doesn’t feel too easy right now. The guilt of taking Bonnie and Isla away from such great people is overwhelming. But this morning, Isla turned to me and said “Bonnie and Isla are best friends.”, and this offered me great reassurance. I may be taking them away from all the people that they love, but with them they have an amazing twin bond and a love for each other that we will never know. They have each other, we all have each other, and when it really comes down to it, that’s all that matters.


But for now, there will be tears through the “goodbye’s”, there will be heavy hearts, but there will be adventure and the comfort in the knowledge that we are bringing home to Paddy, and that family and loved ones are just a day away…



4 thoughts on “‘Changing Skies’

  1. All the love and luck for the future you guys goodbye is never easy but it’s not goodbye just see u in a while….will be stalking fb just too see how well you guys are settling in and how bonnie and isla are enjoying their new life. safe journey to your new home…take care beautiful lady…xx 💖


  2. Very best of luck in your new adventure down under! You will absolutely love it! There will be good days and bad days but the good will definitely out way the bad! When you start waking up to blue skies & delicious coffee everyday you will soon begin to love it and the life your girls will have grown up on the beach! I was you a couple of years ago so know exactly where your coming from! Enjoy enjoy enjoy 😘


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