Girl Meets Sydney


In this love story it starts with a girl, meeting a wonderful new country, falling in love… Oh, and having a baby (literally)… Everything at surface level seems wonderful, but is it really?

Yes, it actually is wonderful, but unfortunately it comes with a cost.

Yes, throughout my mere two and a half weeks living in Sydney, we are all having a ball. We are exploring, finding new places and finding that there is much much more to do in Sydney (even in winter) as a family than the whole of our little country that is Northern Ireland. It all comes down to lifestyle, the lifestyle this country provides for us as a family is something to truly be excited about. But are we choosing lifestyle over loved ones?

It’s easy to forget the vacancy we have left behind at home when I am sitting on a Friday evening planning a weekend of activities in an exciting new city. I sorely miss my family and close friends at home, and my heart is heavy at the little empty spaces each individual has left there. But not only do my loved ones reciprocate these feelings, they’re also dealing with the physical aspect of us not being there anymore. An empty house, misplaced belongings, little boxes of the girls’ toys waiting to be shipped etc. They’re picking up pieces (literally) of a life that we have left behind, and I hope comfort is taken in the fact that Bonnie and Isla are having a ball, but still asking for their beloved family and friends, reassuring these people that they are far from being forgotten about… By all of us!


Perhaps it isn’t a case of choosing ‘lifestyle over love’, or ‘place over people’, perhaps it’s about being fortunate enough to chase a lifestyle that will make you happy, and have the comfort in knowing that the love of those who matter can be carried around in your heart and will exist no matter where you go…



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